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The Faces behind Smash & Pass Gymwear!

S&P is a two person operation ran by myself (Levi) and chief parcel packer Claire! We are both enthusiastic and semi competitive Strong people. Claire is a Personal Trainer and I am a Graphic Designer. We started the brand as an outlet for myself to combine my passions for design and strength. We pride ourselves on being able to use local independent businesses in Scotland and have a genuine drive to continually make the brand better.

Hometown: Aberdeen, Scotland

Favourite lift: Farmers Walk (Levi), Log Press (Claire)

Follow Levi on Instagram @levi.lifts.things

Follow Claire on Instagram @beyondthebarpt



Deezy McIntyre Wilson

Deezy is a strength coach with a background in Powerlifting and this year has started training in Strongman. Accomplishments so far include: 

2x 1st place Scottish division bdfpa powerlifting, Scottish bench press holder, Scottish deadlift record holder, 1st place Andy Bolton deadlift champion, 1st place freefit strongest strongwoman champion.

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

Favourite lift: Deadlift

Follow Deezy on Instagram @dzdeefitness


Jim Gerrard

A fellow gym member at Results Gym with us. Jim is a competitive Strongman at a national level. Some of his accomplishments are:

Scotland Strongest natural man u105 winner 2018, Scottish naturals 3rd place 2019, Scotland’s Strongest natural man u90 runner up 2015/16, North England’s Strongest natural man u90 winner 2017, Britain’s Strongest natural man u90 2nd place 2017, World’s strongest natural team 4th 2019

Hometown: Oldmeldrum, Scotland

Favourite lift: Atlas Stones

Follow Jim on Instagram @jim_gerrard_1986



Priscilla Ribeiro

A competitive strongwoman, model and business woman, P started competing in 2018 and has gone from strength to strength, literally, including being only one of eight women to successfully lift the Dinnie Stones. Her achievements include:

8th Female Dinnie Stone Lifter - 2020, Static Monsters 1st place (u62.5kg) - 2018, Static Monsters 1st place (u72kg) - 2019, London’s Strongest 3rd - 2018, Commando Temple Strongest Woman 3rd - 2019, Portugal’s Strongest Woman 4th - 2019

Hometown: London, England

Favourite lift: 18” / Silver Dollar Deadlift

Follow P on Instagram @missy_poison



Becca McIntyre Wilson

Becca is a competitive Powerlifter and Personal Trainer who also has an interest in Calisthenics. 

She holds 1st in Scotland’s BDFPA Powerlifting. She has also won best lifter at West Coast Push / Pull Championship, 2nd place at Andy Bolton Deadlift competition and holds the BDFPA Scottish Bench & Deadlift record.

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

Favourite lift: Deadlift

Follow Becca on Instagram @_becca_fit_


Dave Thompson

Originally hailing from Scotland, Dave is a Police Officer. In 2020 he became one of only 150 people to lift the Dinnie Stones. As well as strength training he is a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Hometown: Runcorn, England

Favourite lift: Deadlift

Follow Dave on Instagram @davet_90



Jamie Duncan

Jamie is an avid stonelifter and is one of the lightest person to load all 9 of the Ardblair Stones. In 2020 Jamie also won the Donald Dinnie Virtual Gathering with an impressive lift of loading a 158kg tackyless sandstone atlas stone to a 49” plinth. Jamie has also lifted the Dinnie Stones both in the traditional straddle lift and side by side.

Hometown: Brechin, Scotland

Favourite lift: Steens

Follow Jamie on Instagram @jamie.duncan.strongman



Ross Broom

Ross has an incredible story and journey with strength training after having a kidney transplant. I would urge you all to listen to his podcast episode on the Braw & The Brave!

Ross is a competitive Highland Games athlete and a keen natural stone lifter.

Hometown: Law, Scotland

Favourite lift: Power Cleans

Follow Ross on Instagram @the_transplant_trainer



Mark Johnson

Mark is our first International athlete! He is a competitive Strongman, Highland Games athlete and Grip geek. In 2019 Mark also travelled to Scotland to become the 117th person to lift the Dinnie Stones.

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Favourite lift: Deadlifts

Follow Mark on Instagram @markob42



Matt Jones

Matt is an all round weightlifter who frequently competes in the IAWA. He’s an avid stonelifter and has lifted the Dinnie Stones on several occasions, including on one occasion with his girlfriend Chloe on his shoulders! He also coined the iconic phrase ‘You Can’t Beat Stupid

Hometown: Tamworth, England

Favourite lift: Walking Stones

Follow Matt on Instagram @mattojones



Alex Shepherd

A personal trainer and keen stonelifter,, Alex was the 145th person to lift the legendary Dinnie Stones. Alex has also recently got into Strongman smashing his first comp coming first place!

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Favourite lift: Steens

Follow Alex on Instagram @alexshepherdstrength

Mairi Ross

Mairi is an incredibly strong Strongwoman, Powerlifter & Stone Lifter. Her achivements talk for themselves:

They include: 2nd place of the BNSF (opens category) Scotland’s Strongest Woman 2021, 3rd place at Scotland's Strongest Woman, Winner of the virtual lockdown ardblair stone event 2020 for her lifts of the Historic Sheriffmuir stones, Winner of the global strength virtual competition, with smash & pass and the wounded highlanders. for lifting the sheriffmuir stones onto the newly erected plinth, with a final putting stone thrown over. At Mairi’s first powerlifting competition with the bdfpa she broke several scottish records and unofficially some british records at the same time. with a 180kg squat which is 1kg away from the bdfpa world record. and with a 202.5kg deadlift which was 7.5kg away from the current world record. This is the biggest raw deadlift ever by a Scottish female powerlifter across all federations. 

Hometown: Sauchie, Scotland

Favourite lift: Atlas Stones

Follow Mairi on Instagram @mairi_86_

Stuart Graham

Stuart aka Stug aka The Girthlord is fast becoming one of Scotland's Strongest competitors. Some of accomplishments include 2x 1st BNSF Scotland's Strongest Man, 2nd Official Strongman Scotland's Strongest Man 2021, 2nd Scotland's Strongest Man 2020, 3rd Official Strongman Games Europe's 2020, 

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Favourite lift: Yoke

Follow Stuart on Instagram @stujg


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