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Dinnie Pin Hold Challenge


We are hosting a virtual competition for the first two weeks of May! 

This challenge consists of a hold for time using replica Dinnie Stone pins. The competition is open to everyone, is free to enter and we will announce one winner for both Male & Female entries!

This competition is primarily for fun, and allow for everyone to compete against one another around the world, with the chance to also win some goodies!

Movement Standards


Males: 140kg & 110kg (~75% of The Dinnie Stones Weight)

Females: 105kg & 85kg (~75% of The Walking Nicol Stones Weight)

The Hold:

The competitor is challenged to lift the pins in either a straddle or side by side position. Time starts when the competitor has fully locked out the pins. Time ends once the pins hit the floor.

The winner is whoever holds the longest!

Hook grip & open grip are allowed, but no use of straps or grip aids.

The Prizes

Each Male & Female winner will receive a Deadly Grips Tshirt, a The Dinnie Stones Tshirt & their choice of our Strength Athlete Tshirts. Marcus from Team Affinity has also kindly donated a bottle of 'Grip Jizz' liquid chalk to each winner too! Chloe Brennan & Matt Jones have also donated their ‘Your Guide to Dinnie Destiny’ PDFs too! 

How to Enter

To enter, simply put your post on your Instagram feed and tag us at @smash.and.pass and use the hashtag #smashandpass. If you wish to trim your video for your feed, please DM or email us the full-length video too!


Challenge Start Date & Time: May 1st at 10 am GMT

Challenge Close Date & Time: May 15th at 10 pm GMT

Permitted Equipment

  • Dinnie Replica Pins (Killer Strength, Gordon Ingram, Cerberus etc. If unsure if valid or accepted, please DM or Email us to check!) - standard Dinnie Pin heights are 20.5” and 18”.
  • Metal or Rubber weights (If not standardised, please show proof of weight)
  • Chalk (loose or liquid)
  • Knee or elbow sleeves
  • Lifting belt

Not Permitted Equipment

  • Tacky of any kind
  • Lifting straps, support straps or any other kind of straps
  • Lifting gloves, or gloves of any kind
  • Sticky adhesives or grip adhesives
  • Deadlift suits, supersuits, or support briefs

Any question please just email us, or get in touch with us on Instagram.



  1. Andy Crawford - 61seconds
  2. Michael Brown - 55seconds
  3. Ben Crook - 52seconds
  4. Matt Jones - 52seconds
  5. Ben Slack - 48seconds
  6. Derek Palmeri - 45seconds
  7. Harry Reeve - 40seconds
  8. Jack Greetham - 36seconds
  9. Matt Jack - 34seconds
  10. Matt Brown - 33seconds
  11. Antony Parker - 28seconds
  12. Mark Johnson - 25seconds
  13. Steve Kellar - 25seconds
  14. Mathieu Auclert - 15seconds
  15. Jake Shaw - 10seconds 
  16. Craig Lewis - 9seconds


  1. Pandora Holladay - 45seconds
  2. Hannah Steedman - 43seconds
  3. Laura McLachlan - 38seconds
  4. Amy Proferes - 7seconds
  5. Desi Gillespie - 5seconds
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