Finger Strength Resistance Bands – Set of 3 Levels

Resistance Bands

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Each pack includes all 3 bands, each of a differing resistance level. 

The resistence bands are easy to keep in your gym bag or even your pocket and make the perfect accessory to anyone who lifts, or does sports. 

With training we typically spend 90% of the time with our hands in flexion ie gripping onto things such as the bar, skipping ropes, golf clubs, tennis rackets and basically anything we use within our sports or training. This can lead to tendonitis or imbalances. 

The resistance bands are a fantastic way to counteract this as they are a easy accessible tool to use as a warm up or counter a heavy grip session.


Perfect For

-    Warming Up

-    Rehab

-    Aiding Recovery

-    Building Extensor Strength


How To Use The Finger Strength Resistance Bands

Using the bands couldn't be easier, simply put your fingers into the designated loop holes and open and close your hand. Typically we would suggest doing sets of about 15 as a warm up.  The resistance will be harder the higher up the loops are on your fingers.


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